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In his position as Senior Manager Smart Cities at moovel Group GmbH (becomes REACH NOW), Lukas Foljanty is working in close collaboration with governmental and business partners to develop, plan and roll-out innovative demand-responsive mobility services. With his extensive experience in transportation planning and strategy consulting, Lukas helps cities introduce new mobility solutions that support the cities’ transportation policy goals and prepare them for a future with shared autonomous services.

After graduating in Urban and Regional Planning and before joining moovel in 2017, Lukas worked as management and strategy consultant for public mobility stakeholders and as in-house consultant at Deutsche Bahn focusing on digital mobility solutions.


  • June 12: On-demand ride sharing: learn from the pioneers

    On-demand ride sharing: learn from the pioneers

    The presentation of an innovative MaaS pilot project with its challenges, solutions and results from practical experience. SSB AG and moovel Group GmbH (becomes REACH NOW) are pursuing new forms of mobility, in order to complement traditional public transport services with an intelligent, on-demand service (in areas of low public transport coverage, off-peak times, first- and last-mile). Hence experience will be gathered in the following subject areas and questions relating to them will be addressed: Demand and Planning, Legal framework, Political dimension, Customer Service, Customer requirements and acceptance, Operations, Marketing and Sales incl. Ticketing.

    The speakers will tackle the question of how a new, future-oriented but also disruptive business model will be profitable.