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Dietmar Fillinger has been with the company for 39 years and, as a computer scientist, has developed and introduced IT and CAD systems for mobility. He has been directly assigned to the management for 6 years. He leads major projects in the digitization of light rail systems and is strategically responsible for the topic of digitization. Among them was the on Demand / Ride-Hailing project SSB Flex.


  • June 12: On-demand ride sharing: learn from the pioneers

    Cooperation between traditional PT and new mobility service provider - MaaS project Stuttgart

    SSB AG and movel Group GmbH will give an account of their experiences about their joint project SSB Flex, the first on-demand/ride hailing service in Stuttgart. The project is running from June 2018 until end 2019. The objectives will be:
    1. To outline the experiences made (after 1 year) of introduction of a new future-oriented ride hailing/MaaS service in Stuttgart which was at the same time the first ride hailing/MaaS service licensed as line-based service by the German Passenger Transport Act (PBefG) in Germany.
    2. To highlight the specific integration of the new ride hailing service with the traditional public transport offer
    3. To give a practical overview about an innovative cooperation between a traditional public transport company and a new mobility service provider
    4. To tackle the question of how a new, future-oriented but also disruptive business model will be profitable