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  • June 10: UITP Awards 2019 Finalists Poster Session 2

    Business implementations of smart kiosks and digital mobile advertising in a metro system.

    The TRTC adheres to the policy of maintaining a low fare for all; hence we rely heavily on revenue streams from affiliated businesses. 78% of the revenue from our affiliated businesses comes from rental of station space and advertising. However, there are limits to the expansion of new commercial spaces. To create revenue from other sources, we have tapped into the business opportunities of online shopping collection points and mobile advertising, which have been trending in recent years. We have introduced these user-centric applications in the Taipei Metro to offer more convenient services to our passengers.
    We have been committed to boosting our revenue streams through affiliated businesses since 2016. The affiliated revenue has reached USD$65.94 million as of December 2019, with a growth of USD$12.94 million (24.42%) from 2016. Among the diversified businesses, the revenues from smart kiosks and digital mobile advertising have increased by USD$2.257 million (17.4% of the growth).