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Since May 2019 Head of Sales & Marketing, Member of the Executive Board
at Bartholet Maschinenbau, Switzerland
Internationally leading developer of unique ropeway systems, 450 employees.

Before that:
2 years CEO at Denipro Switzerland
5 years in Australia as Managing Director of WRH Global Sydney
4 years heading a company in New Delhi
4 years in Singapore as Managing Director of WRH Marketing Asia
12 years heading international sales at Ferag

Education as Graduate Mechanical Engineer with Diploma as Bachelor of Business Administration


  • June 12: Beyond bus and rail: the potential of cable cars and ferries in public transport

    Ropeways as means of transport in the urban environment

    Bartholet would like to convince the audience of the possibility of cable cars as an urban means of transport. Cable cars can be integrated into any modern urban planning because, compared to other common urban traffic installations, they are inexpensive, fast and very versatile. Topographical barriers or separating traffic infrastructures such as railway lines or motorways can be overcome for a necessary network extension. The drive is 100% electric and generates only minimal noise emissions. Thanks to the high capacity of up to a few thousand persons per hour, gaps between city centres and industrial estates can be closed or congestion areas relieved. The systems are regarded as the safest means of transport and have a very long service life of 20-30 years. Construction, maintenance and operation are simple, so the system costs significantly less per person transported than conventional