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Maya oversees a range of award-winning arts, design and cultural programs, which engage communities and add vibrancy and humanity to LA Metro’s transit projects, facilities and services. She leads a team that works cross-departmentally within the organization and partners with external stakeholders to strategically improve the customer experience. Under her tenure, Metro has commissioned a range of established and emerging artists who together reflect the diversity and dynamism of the Los Angeles region, one of the world’s most recognized creative capitals. Maya previously served as Arts Commissioner for the City of Santa Monica and president of the Santa Monica Arts Foundation and currently serves on the American Public Transportation Association’s Urban Design working group establishing best practices in the field.


  • June 12: Art in Transit

    Transforming the customer experience and moving people through the arts

    Incorporating the arts in public transport can transform the customer experience from the mundane to the inspired. The arts connect people, engage communities, encourage ridership, and move people. LA Metro is in the midst of the largest transit expansion program in the United States. The agency incorporates site specific artwork into the system, and has commissioned a diverse range of artists, with many more commissions in the works. The program has also established a range of art interventions to further enrich the customer experience, including on-board art posters, poetry, artist-led tours, meet-the-artist events, exhibitions, music, dance, film and participatory activities. Metro Art’s multifaceted programming provides unique opportunities to connect with new and existing transit customers, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to excellence in customer service.