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Elleithy is a subject matter expert on creating technology-based operational solutions to resolve productivity and optimization challenges in the transport industry. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer of Mwasalat Misr SAE, the first public transport operator to bring true smart mobility to Africa. He is accountable for the development of efficient modules that output reliable public transport service for people moving around Cairo.

Through his professional experience with several multinational organizations, Elleithy has implemented several projects to reduce accidents, uplift service quality, optimize total costs, enhance schedule adherence, improve driver retention, and cut fleet GHG emissions. He is also an articulated data storyteller; especially when it comes to complex mapping and routing problems.


  • June 12: Reform and integration of informal transport services in cities

    Success story of bus reform in Cairo

    Shedding the light on the ability of a private transit operator to lead the way of sustainable public transport in a car-oriented, ill-regulated mega city. Through the speech, we tell the story of how Mwasalat Misr SAE is steering Cairo, Egypt towards a sustainable future where commuting via public transportation is a favorable, pleasant experience. As the company adapts smart transport solutions within the context of the city, where proper infrastructure is absent, while being customer-centric. Cairo citizens are being empowered to rely on public transportation for their daily commute.