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Enrico Durelli has over 20 year experience in public transport and power trains.
He is a graduate Engineer from University of Genova.
He held several international managing positions in the company in Italy and France: director of alternative powertrain, director of engineering,
He is now director of brand services and technical support of global buses Iveco Bus. He is fluent in English, French, Italian.


  • June 12: Bus operations & systems

    Disruptive maintenance at the bus workshop with Hololens ®

    Iveco Bus has been implementing since 2017 across Europe several experiments of the usage of Microsoft Hololens. The focus has been at bus maintenance workshops, in combination with breakdown services, scheduled maintenance and implementing new vehicle technologies. The purpose is to speed up interventions by reducing lost time for travel and having direct access to the best pratice with remote highly-skilled technical back-office. The use of augmented reality with the Hololens glasses permits to connect two technicians : one next to the vehicle under intervention, another one at back-office. The internet connection allow to exchange in a simple way with spacial visualisation documents, photos, symbols and procedures shared between the two technicians. The paper gives an overview of the lessons-learned after approx 2 year experiments.