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Thuy Chinh Duong drives the product development of MotionTag’s mobility data analytics solution, connecting technology and market needs in the fields of public transport ticketing, travel surveys and beyond. Besides, she has been working as a coach and consultant for Design Thinking driven innovation projects. She has years of experience as a strategy consultant for public transportation authorities, working on topics around ticketing, multimodality and digital transformation. Chinh earned a mathematics degree (M.Sc., Diplom) in Berlin, London and Montréal, as well as Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam.


  • June 12: How big data can support public transport performance

    The Operating System for Intelligent Mobility. Smartphone-based mobility data analytics – automatic ticketing, MaaS & more

    Make use of the full digital potential in a passenger’s pocket: Connecting smartphone sensors and machine learning creates new technology for collecting and analyzing mobility data. MotionTag develops software solutions that automatically detect where, when, in which means of transport and even with which purpose people are travelling – across all modes.Using these data, mobility operators can study their customers’ mobility behavior much more closely – automatically, with high granularity, and live. This enables them to develop tailored offers to their customers. Use cases include smartphone-based pay-as-you-go, travel surveys for mobility and market research, monitoring and evaluation of MaaS products, process optimizations in fleet management, or personalized information and location-based services.