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Dr. Alexander PISCHON

Biographical note
Since 2014 Dr. Pischon has been the CEO of the Karlsruhe transport company (VBK), the railway company Albtal–Verkehrs-Gesellschaft mbH (AVG), the Karlsruhe Public Transport Executive (KVV), the Karlsruhe Rail Infrastructure Company (KASIG) and the Karlsruhe Authority Public Utilities, Public Transport- and Port Company (KVVH). Prior to that he spent 6 years working actively as the CEO of the Regional Management of the Deutsche Bahn DB Regio AG and Region Rhein-Neckar/Bus Division, amongst others. After studying Economic Science and Macroeconomics and obtaining his doctorate in 1998 he worked for ABB in various positions responsible for management and strategy topics.

Presentation: The Karlsruhe Modell 4.0
The Karlsruhe Model, which is known and respected throughout the world, connects the city with the region. Karlsruhe is currently building a combined urban railway / tram tunnel to increase efficiency. We are investing in new vehicles and expanding our transport services. We are aiming at successfully continuing the Karlsruhe Model and are having intensive talks about the direct distribution of our railway transport services from 2022 onwards. RegioMOVE is one of the lighthouse projects of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and is the operator of the test field for autonomous driving. AVG and VBK strive to develop a new public transport concept for the first and last miles using autonomous electric mini buses. We work closely with our partners from research and technology.

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