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Agnieszka Domeracka – graduated from Poznan University of technology in the Electrical Engineering Faculty in 2018. In Solaris Bus & Coach since 2017. She works in Research & Development Department in Advanced Technologies Team.


  • June 11: Various solutions for the deployment of electric buses

    Electric bus? Yes! But what kind of? The art of choosing the best e-mobility solutions (joint presentation with Mateusz Figaszewski)

    The electrification of city buses fleet is a challenge which require an individual approach. There is no one solution which fits all bus operators needs. The authors will introduce the feasibility study, which is a tool invented to conduct the complex analyse and calculation for each case. As a result provides to the customer configuration of the best operational solution (eg. type of batteries, charging infrastructure fitted to requirements of the city, HVAC solutions, and many more features that makes e-mobility a reliable solution). Solaris Bus & Coach has a great experience in applying electric buses for public transport. Engineers from Solaris performed over 2000 analyses for different 40 cities. Solaris Bus & Coach is a leading European manufacturer of public transport vehicles, including over 17 years of “e-mobility experience”.