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Stefania Di Serio has spent over 20 years in the Public environment as manager in Urban Mobility Operators, Agencies and Municipalities where she gained considerable experience in the field of Urban mobility, ICT, e-business, facility management and security.

She has been managing company research and innovation in the field of urban transport. She is a European Commission independent expert evaluator in the field of sustainable mobility and ICT systems applied in transport and a trainer in a training course on European Projects and professor at Master at Link University in Rome. Currently she is Strategic Partnership & Alliance Manager at Almaviva, the Italian ICT leading company in Transportation.

Stefania is responsible for new market development and for developing and maintaining strong direct relationships with key partners, managing day-to-day partnership activities with a focus on new territory launches.


  • June 12: Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality solutions for greater performance

  • June 12: Zero failure: the promises and challenges of predictive maintenance

    Transition process from conventional to predictive asset maintenance

    The predictive maintenance (PDM) introduces many benefits in PT however jumping into predictive maintenance without consider all the aspect of the implementation strategy can be a disaster
    The presentation will analyse the challenges and constraints of introducing PDM trough the knowledge derived from experience in implementing PDM solution in big company
    The presentation will answer the following questions:
    • Does a solid preventive maintence help the transition to PDM?
    • PDM can be expensive?
    • Which are the direct and indirect benefit of introducing PDM in transportation company?
    • Which kind of ecosystem of technology and maintence strategy is needed to reach the full potential of PDM?
    • Is the PDM technology safe and secure?
    • Which kind of skill are needed to implement an industrial PDM?
    In conclusion the presentation will shows a roadmap to start with an effective project of PDM