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Olivier Deschaseaux is the VP Sales & Marketing and one of the co-founders of Zenbus. He’s graduated from a French major business school in 1998. Before Zenbus, he was operational director at Altran, a french innovation consulting company. Olivier now puts at the service of Mobility more than 15 years of experience in the world of digitalisation.


  • June 11: the Studio: where ideas come to life

    Zenbus : High quality data to transform public transit

    Zenbus enables any public transport network to produce quality data in a simple way to effectively meet the challenges of passenger information, operation and optimization. Thanks to its high-performance algorithms and Cloud platform, Zenbus produces and publishes data that can be advantageously used by all stakeholders in the public transport sector: its combines i mmediacy, scalability and standardization for all the transport data processing it operates. Zenbus thus makes it possible to provide, in real time, precise and standardized data for all the actors involved in a transport network: passengers, carriers, territories. It allows this data to be produced for any network, either by generating it lightly via a smartphone or box, or by retrieving, reprocessing and structuring on the fly data generated by an existing system.