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Devin de Vries is an entrepreneur dedicated to fostering technological innovation to solve social problems in the developing world. For the last eight years he has lead a growing team inspired by a shared vision to bring technological solutions to the problem of public transport in the emerging world. WhereIsMyTransport, is a leading public transport platform and has been recognized by the Financial Times/IFC, the WWF, and the ITF-OECD. He oversees the development and execution of all strategies at the company, as well as business development, high-value partner management, global expansion, and overall product vision and strategy. With internationally awarded technical and business development skills, Devin develops and directs the vision and strategy of WhereIsMyTransport in the challenging B2G environment and has successfully grown the company from 2 team members to 36.


  • June 10: A data-driven business

    A centralised transport data Platform for integrated urban mobility in emerging cities

    The reality in African cities, as in many emerging countries, is that the vast majority of the population relies on informal means of transport to access opportunities. By increasing availability of information on disparate formal and informally run transport systems we now offer an unprecedented opportunity to respond to challenges of equitable access to socio-economic opportunities through a more comprehensive picture of the mobility landscape. This picture is facilitated through a central Integrated Transport System (ITS) – a cloud-based, single platform that consolidates intelligent technologies providing a single information source for transport data and management.