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Alexis de Pommerol started at the French Ministry of Transportation, in charge of financing and designing highway projects. He worked for Systra as Director of Design Offices in Paris and as Project Director for Hanoi Metro Line 3 in Vietnam. In 2010 he joined Vinci as LISEA’s Operations Vice-President of the High-Speed Line between Tours and Bordeaux, supervising construction and preparation of the operation of the € 7.8 bn 300 km line that opened mid 2017.

Between 2017 and 2019, he was CEO of Oc’Via, the Infrastructure Manager of the 80km mixed Freight and High-Speed line around Nîmes and Montpellier. Alexis served also as Chairman of AGIFI, the Association of French Independent Railway Infrastructure Managers. In 2019, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Société du Grand Paris, in charge of delivering 200 km of new automated metro lines and 68 stations around the French capital by 2030.


  • June 06: A safe environment for all passengers: Looking at security within public transport

    A safe environment for all passengers: Looking at security within public transport

    Safety within the future stations of the Grand Paris Express project is taken into account at the very early design stage. It's one of the major pillar of our design framework. Moreover, Société du Grand Paris, the Project Delivery Authority, has set up a scale 1 mock-up of its future stations and trains in order to test and improve the safety of these spaces, along with passengers' association