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Responsible at HQ level for international Public Transport team and product range.Member of the Commercial Management Team, member of the e-Mobility management team. Member of the UITP VEI Committee
Product Range: City and intercity; VDL Citea, including all variants regarding driveline and energy source (diesel, hybrid and electric). Midi bus Portfolio; VDL MidBasic, MidCity. My PT responsibilities are: sales, commercial project management (tendering), key account management, product management, business development. More than 25 years working experience in Public Transport; several management roles within a bus OEM and a main component supplier.


  • June 11: Various solutions for the deployment of electric buses

    Aiming for zero. The VDL Bus & Coach approach towards large scale ZE PT operation in Western Europe

    As leader in E-Mobility in Western Europe VDL Bus & Coach likes to share their expertise and therefor consult PTAs and PTOs. With > 450 electric buses in day to day operation in 10 countries VDL has collected a lot of experience which is valuable for all PT stakeholders. The specific VDL system approach has been very successful, Turnkey projects do bring high efficiency in execution of implementations and support to a steep learning curve for all stakeholders. Also the class leading availability rate of the entire system, so buses and chargers, has resulted in successful Zero Emission operations. The change to Zero Emission PT operations needs to be managed in a perfect way to be able to reach the challenging targets related to sustainability in Europe. VDL acts and shows how it can be achieved. Aiming for zero!