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  • June 11: UITP Awards 2019 Finalists Poster Session 4

    Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab

    "Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab (RNAL) is the 1st European on-demand service with autonomous electric vehicles on 10 kms public open-roads with 17 stops fully integrated in the Rouen Metropolis (Normandy) urban public transport network.
    The service is located in a fast-growing business park called Technopole du Madrillet (80 companies, 6 universities, 7000 students, 1 commercial center, 1 concert hall…).
    The service is providing extensive coverage through connections to tram Terminal (2018) and the Terminal of a new BRT line (May 2019) The goal is to provide mobility solutions in an area to which conventional public transportation services are poorly suited, in a first-mile and last-mile approach.
    The public can call easily a vehicle in real-time from the smartphone app : the vehicles, four Renault Zoe (2018) and a i-Cristal shuttle (June 2019) come and pick the passengers up at the desired stop on the route. Average speed is higher than other experimentation i.e. around 30 km/h."