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Łukasz Chełchowski has graduated from Poznan University of Technology at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He is currently a PhD student at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. He has joined Solaris in 2005 as Design Engineer in Electrical and Electronics Department. Currently works as the Electrical Systems Manager responsible for developing new electrical solutions in busses.


  • June 11: Connecting buses for smarter mobility

    How can bus talk to us? Digital innovation in public transport (joint presentation with Michal Pikula)

    As the result of electromobility revolution, customer demand on robust systems providing increased amount of high quality data has grown. Due to the limited range of battery buses, data like SOC is even more essential for efficient fleet management in various conditions. Therefore public transport operators express an interest in time efficient diagnostics solutions with usage of the remote system. Remote connection with the vehicle create an opportunity to diagnose and prevent faults. In response to the market demand Solaris is developing a system which allows to track the vehicle, check operating parameters and supervise the proper operation of on-board equipment. Solaris system enable management of a complex dataset, thus multiple data safety precautions are required. Hence, Solaris introduced one-way communication to prevent unauthorized access.