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Hakan Celik received the B.Sc. degree in electronic engineering from Has Kadir University in 2007, and MBA degree from Istanbul University in 2015. His area of expertise includes, embedded systems hardware design, embedded systems software design, electronic circuit design, and R&D project management. He is currently the chief of test and design with the department of research and development in ISBAK Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies Inc., Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


  • June 10: UITP Awards 2019 Finalists Poster Session 2

    Reverse Vending Machine For Public Transportation Card Credit

    One of the smart environment projects of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that puts innovative solutions for zero-waste into service for the people of Istanbul in order to use environment and available resources more efficiently is the SMART RECYCLING CONTAINER. Waste Transition Station used in this project has been developed by ISBAK INC., which is one of the subsidiaries of IBB (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality), and operated by ISTAC INC., which is another subsidiary company of IBB specified to operate only in Istanbul. The collection and disposal of the waste is also included in this process.
    The system is technically maintained (software and hardware) by ISBAK. In addition, BELBIM, which is also a subsidiary company of IBB is responsible for the operation of istanbulkart (a card used for the public transportation in Istanbul) in order to load the credit to the card in exchange for the loaded waste as a reward for the citizens.