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Agnès Cazaux has over fifteen year experience in Public Transport at Iveco Bus. She held several responsibilities at Iveco Bus : public affairs France, international key-account sales, Crealis sales, purchasing department.
She looked after several Bus of High Level of Service projects in France on behalf of Iveco Bus, such as Nîmes, Ile-de-France-Mobilités, Nancy, Boulogne, Clermont-Ferrand, Etang-de-Berre, etc…


  • June 12: Bus operations & systems

    The do’s and don’ts of BHLS, Bus of High Level of Service: the European BRT

    Bus Rapid Transit has been a successful mass rapid transit solution in many continents, with world-famous Curitiba, Bogota, Istanbul. In the mean time, in Europe, smaller-scale BRT where invented with the concept "Bus with High Level of Service" in which mass-transport and speed are not just the key factors, but quality of service in order to legitimately claim for modal shift from passenger car to bus-based public transport. BHLS offers more flexible implementation, scalable with a selection of right-of-ways for speeding up operation, together with marketing attractivity. Through several examples over 15 years, the speech explores all the lessons-learned between a PTA, an operator and a manufacturer, but also with much more stakeholders, when designer teams, transport consulting, citizen communication, administrative issues come into play. In fact much more than typical bus procurement.