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Estudio Garibaldi unites Graphic Design, with artistic, advertising and industrial disciplines. Specialized in urban signage and Wayfinding, and despite being a young studio, we’ve come to grow as one of Argentina’s references in the area. Learning constantly and adapting along the way, we work hard every day to go forward by putting designs esthetics and functionality above everything, always focused on user experience.

From Argentina to the world, we humbly present ourselves open to working with everyone willing to improve life quality through design.


  • June 11: People first! Improving the urban experience with public transport

    Legible City – Design and Information in Mobility

    Through our Legible Mobility method, we created Legible City: the project that develops an integral system for urban signage. It gives all the necessary information to, through a coherent graphic system, integrate all means of transport and mobility. The objective of the speech is to show how third world cities can also rearrange and organize transport information in order to provide better services for users. It's been 6 years since the project was born and nowadays we can find information in almost every major point along Buenos Aires.Estudio Garibaldi from Argentina explains how, inspired by European and American signage, they've created and adapted a functional application of different ways to bring information to users all around the city, promoting intermodality and interconnection.