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Ralf Cabos is the founder and managing director of PaxLife Innovations GmbH, Potsdam based company specialized in IT architecture and the delivery of digital services for the transport industry. Ralf has a background in Aerospace Engineering & Physics; he originally evolved in the aviation industry for Lufthansa from the engineering department up to SVP sales & marketing in Asia where he lived with his family for 18 years. In 2015 he successfully exited the Wifi entertainment company that he developed a few years earlier. PaxLife Innovations is now his 4th company.


  • June 06: Advanced travel information systems for easier and seamless journeys

    Achieving a greater customer focus and travel experience with a unified passenger information

    A Unified Passenger Information System (UPIS) across all relevant modes of transport is a service that plays an important role by significantly improving the travel experience and customer satisfaction, as well as building the business and brand value of the transport operator. PaxLife´s CEO Ralf Cabos explains how such a passenger information system, combined with content management capabilities, can overcome today's operational barriers and be easily built with greater customer focus. PaxLife has designed a single software platform for the operator to manage the PIS regardless of vehicles and equipment, to combine real time travel information and infotainment, and to deliver content and information in a consistent manner whether on board vehicles, in stations or on the passenger's smartphone. PaxLife´s solution is being deployed in South Tyrol and in the Berlin transport system.