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René Brummage is a Marketing and Communications specialist based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She is adept at interpreting and communicating an organisation’s strategy to identified stakeholders and spearheads engagement programmes at all levels in a way that weaves a brand into the fabric of an industry.

René joined Vix Technology in 2017 to focus on establishing the brand in Africa and to develop and nurture relationships both internally and externally. She is driven to create touchpoints that achieve the ultimate goal of ‘creating a better customer journey.’

Within the South African and African context, she has a keen interest in learning and development upliftment programmes. René believes that a brand that integrates and aligns CSR initiatives into the brand’s strategy, especially in Africa, where increasingly more consumers are looking to corporates to solve economic and social inequalities. She advocates that every organisation should have a policy of value-led branding that differentiates itself within the market.


  • June 10: Recruit, retain and reskill tomorrow's workforce

    Recruit the Future. A Learnership Programme that Creates a Better Journey for 15 previously unemployed young South Africans in Transit Technology.

    15 young South Africans from diverse backgrounds joined a learnership programme run over 15-month with Vix Technology through the Media, Information and Communication Sector Education and Training Authority [MICT SETA]. MICT SETA partners with industry, universities/colleges delivering learning programmes in its quest to address identified skills. The youth unemployment rate in South Africa is at an all-time high [27,6%] and work-based learnerships are an effective way of addressing the skills shortage. Nine of the candidates were permanently employed by Vix SA. For the past 18 months they have been deployed in positions within the company. Members of this group are about to embark on the next phase of their journey as Vix South Africa launches a global service desk.
    If you don’t think you make a difference in this world, remember that one rain drop raises the ocean.