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Sofia Broman manages the Stockholm Public Transport’s (SL) public art collection known as “the world’s longest art gallery”. The Stockholm subway consists of art installations displayed by 150 artists in 94 of the city’s 100 stations. The subway’s artistic décor and holistic approach transforms public spaces and the city’s transport system into an esthetic experience.

In the current role as Business Manager Art, Sofia is responsible for managing contracts with artists, handling art restauration projects and curating temporary exhibitions within SL’s art exchange program “Konstväxlingar”. Prior to SL Sofia worked at various art museums in Sweden and at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, US, focusing on exhibition production, interpretation, art restoration and research. Sofia holds degrees from Stockholm University and Linköping University.


  • June 12: Art in Transit

    The world's longest art gallery - The art of the Stockholm public transport network (joint presentation with Annika Hjorth)

    The past, the present, the future and the value of the art in the Stockholm public transport network. How the Stockholm Public Transport Administration created the world’s longest art gallery and plans for future art projects.

    The public transport system in Stockholm offers an amazing journey through art and architecture, referred to as one of the world's most beautiful subway systems. Today there is public art at 94 out of 100 subway stations, several train and tram stations as well as bus terminals. Over the years, 250 artists have contributed to “the world’s longest art gallery”.