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As a transit planner with over 10 years of public and private experience, Laramie joined Swiftly to provide insights to transit agencies, enabling them to provide more efficient and effective service. He brings a background of innovative and creative problem solving and expertise in the mobility problems of both small and large transit providers. He has worked at a consultant, regional planner, suburban service planner and urban capital planner and is passionate about mobility and improving efficiency and equity. He holds a B.A. in Environmental Planning from Denison University.


  • June 10: From travel planning to MaaS: delivering door to door mobility services

    Improving the Passenger Experience: Empowering Customer Service and Boosting Real-Time Predictions

    Transit’s competition has expanded beyond the car, in many parts of the world transit is now weighed against TNCs, scooters, e-bikes, and more. This has dramatically changed rider expectations. To combat ridership declines agencies are determined to create the seamless and liberating experience passengers have come to expect. Top-notch service requires more than frequency and coverage, it calls for buses that reliably arrive at the scheduled time and real-time information when they don’t. We will discuss two meaningful methods of improving the passenger experience: 1) providing passengers with more accurate real-time arrival predictions and 2) empowering Customer Service to react quickly and with the correct information to help passengers feel comfortable and confident in their transit system.