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Jean-Marc Boucheret is a graduate industrial mechanical engineer, with over 20 professional year experience in transport : urban transport, BRT, hybrid, e-mobility, gas mobility, alternative fuels, automotive. He was Citybus Product Manager for the Iveco Bus Euro V and Euro VI range. Then took over position of Sustainable Mobility Manager at Iveco Bus. He is representing his company at UITP Industry Committee, Trolleybus Committee and at ACEA.


  • June 12: Alternative fuels for buses

    Converting municipal wastes into clean mobility : BioCNG. Sharing a 20-year-long commitment of Lille

    Métopole Européenne de Lille is both the autorithy for public transport and waste management.
    Back 20 years ago, the PTA was one of the first to investigate the benefits of gas buses for urban use : low emission and low noise. In parallel the potential to produce biogas from local waste management grew up to invest in a production plant where green cuts from municipal dechetteries, food wastes from municipal restaurants and garbage collection could provide bio-entrants with interesting methanogene value.
    The biogas plant got agreement to inject in the gas grid, so the PTA could use its own renewable origine certificate to power its own gas buses. The Métropole also involved to the local agriculture industry stakeholders for using the compost produced at the biogas plant.
    The paper include aspects of citizen communication as well as technical and financial indications.