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Victor studied chemical engineering in Brazil and started to work for DNV GL as Technical Consultant, delivering risk-based methodologies (RAM, RCM, SIL and RBI). Passionate about technology, he moved to the software industry where, over the past 7 years, he has visited around 30 countries, met people from all different cultures and learned from their experiences. Victor has published 20 papers, 15 whitepapers, contributed with webinars and 110 blog posts with an average of 5,000 views per post. More recently, Victor is responsible for a growing number of digital products in Thales which are support by many service offerings. These new products are based on the latest technologies such as cloud computing and storage, IoT and Big Data Analytics.


  • June 11: Delivering innovative solutions for rail services and operations

    Digital Transformation for the Rail Industry

    No industry will benefit more from recent technologies than the rail industry. The rail industry must manage large amounts of assets, separated kilometres away from each other, typically under specific boundaries (i.e. country borders, areas of operation etc.) – this is the perfect storm for digital transformation in the rail industry. Digital Rail is happening today. This paper details how the railway industry will benefit from emerging and established technologies available in the market. The content will connect all the technologies described in the introduction and offer insights around how these technologies can be used to improve the decision-making in all sections within the rail industry.