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Iona Bonamis is a Transit Planner at the City of Vancouver, Canada. She works on a range of short to long term projects that aim to provide higher quality, more reliable, and more efficient transit services so that transit is as attractive, if not more, than private cars. She’s also passionate about creating happy and healthy communities where diversity is celebrated and promoted, and reflected at all levels of society.


  • June 10: Diversity: improving the public transport workforce

    Vancouver's Strategy to Create a Respectful and Diverse Workplace

    The City of Vancouver is comprised of a diverse population that contributes uniquely to the community as a whole, and the City is aiming to create a workforce that is representative of the diverse communities it serves. This includes all dimensions of diversity, including but not limited to ethnicity, age, gender, experiences, and skillsets. Additionally, research shows that organizations are stronger and more effective when the aspirations and contributions of a diverse workforce are reflected in the workplace culture and practices. Recognizing this, the City’s Engineering Department, which plans, designs and maintains the roads on which public transit relies upon, has recently developed a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Implementation Plan. This presentation will cover how it was developed, what it prioritizes, and what actions are included for each priority area.