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Olaf Bödecker is an experienced Sales and Key Account Manager at PSI Transcom in Berlin, Germany with over 15 years of experience in sales, project management, and customer operations management. He specializes in Public Transport projects, particularly in the areas of depot management, including electrification of bus fleets. Additionally, his expertise extends to large infrastructure projects, ticketing systems, account-based ticketing, ITCS and Automatic Vehicle Management Systems (AVMS) across the EMEA region, UK, and South Africa.


  • June 06: The modernisation of depot design and operations

    Streamline your bus depot operations: Achieving digitalisation made easy

    Many bus depots rely on manual methods for scheduling and dispatching, such as physical planning boards or excel spreadsheets. With the increasing adoption of electric buses, it is crucial to transition to digital and automated systems in order to ensure efficiency and availability of staff and vehicles in the long-term.To minimize the effort required for implementation and commissioning, we recommend starting with a basic system such as our PSIeDMS start. It is a foundation for future expansions and customized automation steps, including integration with timetable and duty rosters and a charging management via an integrated interface. The implementation takes place in three steps and can be completed within 8-12 weeks. We give examples of use cases and highlight the advantages of the system to help operators make the transition to digitalization as smoothly and efficiently as possible