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With 14 years of experience working in the Critical Communications sector, working with the worlds leading Transport operators and authorities, Jamie today leads the transport Sector at Tait. As the Account Director responsible for Transport for London for 5 of those years, Jamie guided TfL through the digitisation of their Critical Communications Network including seamless, live migration of network and 9,500 vehicles.


  • June 11: Connecting buses for smarter mobility

    The Modern Art of Critical Communications

    Critical communications are fundamental to the safe and efficient operation of Transport networks. Digitisation has bought the ability to unify communications, connecting more vehicles, people and assets - a better connected transport network with improved workforce situational awareness provides a safer environment for the ridership. Digitisation and unified critical communciations brings with it - the ability to more effectively share resources dynamically, both in the vehicle and in the back office - leveraging open standards such as ITxPT providing interoperability between vendors. Standards enable competition and therefore better value for Transport Authorities, Operators and the public. With greater connectivity, it has never been more vital to have a trusted partner to deliver your Critical Communications.