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Graduate from HEC Paris, Olivier Binet worked 10 years as a venture capitalist in Paris and London for Lehman Brothers, Astorg Partners & Bridgepoint Capital. He met Tristan Croiset, IT Engineer graduate from EPITA, who worked 8 years in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Google, Systran & Criteo.
They realized we are in a sharing economy, that could apply to daily commutes, and they founded Karos together, to improve daily mobility.


  • June 12: the Studio: where ideas come to life

    How we turned individual cars into public transport in Île-de-France Region : method & key metrics

    We believe public transport can benefit from the use of cars: everywhere public transport can't go, cars are alrealdy present. We should fill those at their maximum. We developed a partnership with Île-de-France Mobilités, public transport authority. We integrated our users’ cars inside the public transport network: in suburban or rural areas, we propose Karos trips for the first and last miles, complementing mass transit, whenever it's possible. Combining cars & mass transportation lines improve quality of life inside cities : less cars means less traffic jam inside city centers, and less air pollution. In Île-de-France Region, we improved people everyday life with greater accessibility, we reduced pollution, at a competitive cost. Key metrics. We imagine a future where the local communities and the booking platform we create enable a large scale use of autonomous & shared vehicles.