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Robert Bicket is Co-founder and Chief Executive of Papercast – the world’s leading provider of e-paper passenger information displays. He is responsible for driving the global growth strategy to ensure Papercast remains the most advanced and widely deployed solution of its kind – addressing the passenger information challenges that cities face and delivering a better journey experience for passengers. Papercast was officially launched to the market in 2016 after extensive field testing and now has deployments in over 45 countries. Prior to this, Robert built, scaled and sold a number of businesses across the leisure, telecoms, networks and technology space.


  • June 06: Advanced travel information systems for easier and seamless journeys

    Why e-paper is winning in the world of public transport signage

    The presentation will be delivered by Robert Bicket, CEO of Papercast Ltd: - Explore the importance and role of providing passenger information - Examine the status of passenger information availability across different transport modes - Focus on the availability of accurate passenger information at bus stops and remote locations - Compare the different signage technologies for bus stop real-time passenger information displays - Highlight the pros and cons of the different technology, with a focus on sustainability - Share a couple of transformational case studies.