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Mr Berki is an international business development professional with over two decades of experience in B2B sales, G2M and corporate strategy design and execution in technology, IT and supply chain solutions. Based in the UK, Mr Berki is heading up new strategic client and channel partner relationships for Streamax, driving growth in the public & freight transport verticals in the UK and mainland Europe. Streamax is a leading provider of AI-assisted onboard active safety, driver assistance, and telematics solutions for over 2.4 million commercial vehicles globally, with a mission to create a safe and secure mobility ecosystem by actively protecting both vulnerable road users and vehicles, supported with continuous technology innovations.


  • June 06: Digital solutions and connectivity for safer and more reliable operations

    Advanced blind spot information system on buses protecting vulnerable road users in urban life

    Turning manoeuvres of buses involving collisions with pedestrians and cyclists, typically occurring at lower driving speeds in urban areas, often with serious consequences for vulnerable road users (VRUs). The necessity of introducing onboard advanced active safety systems alerting drivers to avoid such accidents with the ability to differentiate between pedestrians and cyclists is the obvious choice, hence it recently became a mandated standard requirement (UN Regulation No. 151) in the bus and coach sector, putting people and other vulnerable road users first. The BSIS solution from Streamax is one of the world’s first AI-assisted video-based active safety system that is fully compliant with the ‘UN Regulation No. 151 - Blind Spot Information System for the Detection of Bicycles’ that is mandated to be in place for all newly registered M2, M3, N2, N3 vehicles from 7th July 2024.