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Tobias Bauer is the Chief Digital Officer for the global Mass Transit business of Siemens Mobility. In addition he is leading the Center of Competence for Digital Stations and Railway Communication Systems.
Prior to that Tobias held a number of positions within the mobility as well as industry business of Siemens in Europe, USA and India.
Tobias holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Systems and a Master Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia University, New York.


  • June 12: How big data can support public transport performance

    Data to value – how intelligent infrastructure enables demand responsive operation for mass transit

    This presentation will explain how demand responsive operation can generate value to mass transit operators. Data collected from signaling & communication sub-systems, combined with external inputs & enriched by data analytics tools, allows operators to adjust their systems & operations to maximize throughput. The presentation will provide tangible examples & use cases regarding the safe extraction of data, adaption & combination of various sub-systems, as well as leveraging modern IoT platforms and cloud-based applications to improve operational efficiency and journey experience; two key success indicators for mass transit operators. Selected projects and their outcomes will also be presented relating to co-creation and PoCs in the field of passenger capacity optimization, predictive asset maintenance as well as an outlook into the future of cloud-based signaling and station solutions.