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Prof. Valentina Basaric was born in Vrbas, Republic of Serbia. She graduated from the Department for Traffic, Faculty for Technical Science, University of Novi Sad, in 1999. At the University of Novi Sad she got Master degree in Transport Engineering in 2005 and PH. D. degree in 2010. The Ph. D. dissertation was done under the supervision of Prof. Ratomir Vračarević and had a title: “Target Modal Split Model in Terms of Sustainable Development”. From 2000 up to date, she works as a researcher and teacher of transport planning at the Department for Traffic, Faculty of Technical Sciences University of Novi Sad. Currently, Prof. Basarić work as a associate professor and she is a Head of Chair for traffic systems, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad. Also, she is president of the organization committee for the international conference “Towards a Humane City” (during the period 2007-2011, held a function of technical secretary) and Faculty of Technical Sciences representative in the international organization UITP.
The major field of scientific and professional interest is in the areas of transport planning, data analysis, four-step models as well as sustainable urban transport.
Prof. Basarić has published more than 50 scientific papers in international and domestic journals, and she was included in several national, regional and local projects in the field of transport.