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Alexander Barron (Associate Director and Head of Metro Benchmarking, RTSC), has been involved extensively in improving urban transport throughout the world through working primarily with metro operators (RTSC, via the CoMET and Nova benchmarking groups) and primarily with governments (World Bank). Alexander Barron, leads both the CoMET and Nova metro benchmarking and the GOAL light rail benchmarking groups. He has a Master’s degree in city and regional planning from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (USA) and worked in strategic planning at MTA New York City Transit in New York City before joining Imperial College London in 2010.


  • June 12: The operation and maintenance cookbook for public transport

    The Operator's Story - How metro operators and their authorities can deliver high-quality, sustainable metros

    The poster will summarise The Operator’s Story research, a collaboration between the World Bank, the global Community of Metros benchmarking group, and Imperial College London. It will document the key factors that make metros successful, both from the perspective of Metro Operators and their Authorities. The poster will focus particularly on two factors – ensuring metro financial sustainability and delivering operational excellence through high levels of capacity and automation.