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Ignacio Barrios, CEO of Kido Dynamics. MSc in Civil Engineer, Ignacio spent 10+ years as international project manager in the transportation industry, which brought him to 3 different continents, including a role as Technical Interface Manager in Oran Tramway (Algeria), partnering with Alstom. His vision about the pressing need of good quality travel both to portray existing situations and to help identify problems related to the operation of today’s increasingly complex mobility systems, made him join forces with Alberto Hernando to fund Kido Dynamics. Before joining Kido Dynamics, we undertook an MBA at IMD Business School, and worked as investment manager in the VC industry in Switzerland.


  • June 12: How big data can support public transport performance

    Beyond Origin/Destination matrix: an integral view on people’s mobility analysis

    Mobility analysis is based on F2F interview samples, performed every several years. Investment decisions are based on outdated, biased data, with catastrophic impact in countries such as Spain or Australia. Ubiquity of mobile phones offers an accurate picture of people’s mobility, but rigid business models in infrastructure sector and old-fashioned project management habits are hampering a much broader adoption. Meanwhile, technology companies in the sector focus on traditional origin/destination concepts, with limited visibility of infrastructure boundaries. On the contrary, Kido Dynamics applies quantum principles to this data to reconstruct people’s trajectories: where people come from, where they go to, which transportation mode the use, trip reason, seasonal aspects… all this information gets integrated in an easy-to-use, intuitive web-based platform, updated every 24 hours.