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Israel is a critical infrastructure cybersecurity expert with nearly two decades of experience. During his professional career, he was an officer in the Israeli Ministry of Defense, responsible for securing the country’s national resources and infrastructure. Later, he became Israel Railways’ first CISO, established the company’s first cyber department, and designed one of the world’s first railway cybersecurity operations centers (CSOC). Today, Israel helps Cervello’s clients address the challenges he faced as a railway CISO.


  • June 07: Secure public transport systems: How best to tackle cyberattacks

    From Cyber Incident to Operational Response

    As rail travel gains popularity post-pandemic, the stakes of a cyber attack against rail rise, intensifying the pressure on rail operators to make informed operational decisions. I will discuss two recent rail cyber attacks that illustrate how an attack or threat to IT systems can create such confusion and panic that it also causes the suspension and delay of train services, both passenger and freight. I will take from my experience as the former CISO of a national railway to explain the importance of contextual understanding and visibility in rail cybersecurity. Furthermore, how a lack of preparedness and proper security procedures and tools can either turn a cyber incident into a cyber attack or prompt a disproportionate operational response with severe financial and reputational repercussions.