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  • June 12: Beyond bus and rail: the potential of cable cars and ferries in public transport

    Shuttle ferry concept for a tailored sustainable, waterborne public transport

    Worldwide, with growing density of population, the individual need for urban transportation is increasing, while the space available and possibilities for establishing new or more compacted land-based transport systems is continuously decreasing. One possibility to escape this dilemma is the optimal use of existing waterways as last free corridors for alternative public transport systems. Not only in cities like Venice but also in all areas near natural waterways. The idea of a new, tailor-made shuttle ferry concept can set down the decision threshold to implement a sustainable and performant public transport system. Always with a focus on low initial and optimized operation cost, high performance and reliability as well a short lead-time. Thanks to the concept, which allows adapting the vessel to individual operation profiles, it is possible to create a real zero emission operation.