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Jan Barchanek is 45 years old and was born in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic. He was graduated as the traffic engineer. He is working at Prague Public Transit Co., Inc. as manager of Bus Operation Unit, he is responsible for 1.200 buses and nearly 3.000 drivers and other personnel in bus operation. Main areas of his job are operational management, quality management and projects of new technologies in bus operation.

He is responsible for bus electrification projects in Prague including restart of trolleybus operation. He has been active at different international projects since 2003 (CIVITAS, SPUTNIC, COST TU 603 BHLS, EBSF, 3IBS, ZeEUS, ELIPTIC, ASSURED, E-BRT2030). He is member of UITP Bus Committee since 2011 and since 2015 has participated as a lecturer in UITP training programmes. He is also active in Czech Public Transport Operators Association.


  • June 06: Building a sharing ecosystem: Developing greater energy efficiency within public transport

    Efficient E-bus / T-Bus operation by intermodal synergies and advanced energy management

    Presentation of bus electrification in DPP Prague using internal intermodal synergies to optimize capital costs and also operational costs. There is wide energy supply network for DPP tram operation, which can be used also for charging e-buses (bipolar charging system with galvanic separator on board). Internal energy supply synergies are also basement for restarting trolleybus operation in Prague. New system of in-motion charging battery trolleybuses will combine catenary operation and battery operation and will be compatible for e-bus charging as well. Essential part of e-bus and battery trolleybus operation is energy management system, which can optimize energy consumption, manage power peaks and also extend vehicle batteries lifecycle.