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Dr. Christoph Ballin is Co-Founder and CEO of Torqeedo. With more than 90,000 systems in the field, Torqeedo is the global leader in marine electric mobility up to 200 kW power.


  • June 12: Beyond bus and rail: the potential of cable cars and ferries in public transport

    Zero-Emission Ferries and Water Taxis

    Addressing climate protection and clean air issues in municipal transport is currently focused on land transport. Municipal ferries and water taxis have an expanding role in mixed-mode commuting but contribute disproportionately to climate and clean air problems. In many cases, electric ferries and water taxis can provide solutions that are ecologically and economically superior. Torqeedo offers modular, flexible and scalable electric power systems up to 200 kW and methodologies to assess which ferries and taxis can profit from going zero-emission.