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Head of the public transport section of ver.di, Mira Ball is responsible for the national and international politics of the section. Right after completing her studies in sociology at the universities of Hamburg and Bremen in 2007 she started to work for union. She is a member of the ITF Public Transport Congress and vice-chair of the European social dialog of the sector.


  • June 10: Diversity: improving the public transport workforce

    Strengthening women's employment and equal opportunities: developing employer gender policy

    Women as passengers and employees are central to urban public transport. However, the sector remains male-dominated, both from an employment point of view and from the values embedded in its structure and provision. For public transport that is safe, accessible and equitable, we need women's voices during the planning, policy-making, research, development and operation of our systems. This requires a proactive package of activities and measures. Recommendations on nine key elements for a strong employer policy will be presented in relation to working culture and gender stereotypes; recruitment; work environment and design; facilities; health and safety at work; work-life balance; qualifications, training and career opportunities; wage equality and terms and conditions of employment; and corporate policy. A joint employer/employee initiative will be launched to establish best practice.