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Ahmed Bahrozyan is the Chief Executive Officer of The Public Transport Agency, which is responsible for offering the needs of public transport in Dubai (Public buses, Taxies, School Buses, Limousine, Labor Transport Buses)
Bahrozyan holds undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from the University of Colorado, USA, 1991.
Bahrozyan is RTA board member since 2008.


  • June 05: Big and beautiful: Can large entities lead innovation within public transport?

    Dubai, an innovative Mobility Hub

    Since its inception, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority have been leading innovation in the mobility space. As we embrace Mobility 4.0, the Dubai’s vision to transform their mobility systems to Smart, Shared, Autonomous, On-demand and Sustainable is spearheaded by innovative technology projects and policy practices. Dubai’s ambition to convert 25% of all trips to autonomous mode by 2030, conversion of all taxi fleet to e-hailing via the biggest joint venture of its kind, bi-annual self-driving challenge and congress, and the investments in Big Data and AI to improve transportation safety and efficiency are some examples.