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Stefan Baguette is Market Analyst and Product Manager at Alexander Dennis Limited. Based in Scotland, he focuses on the analysis of market data and trends, and has an active role in managing the company’s product portfolio. Stefan joined Alexander Dennis in May 2016 from Solaris Bus & Coach, where he had worked since 2007, initially in public relations before building up a dedicated market analysis unit. Electric buses are a particular area of his expertise and he has closely observed technological developments, market trends and policy frameworks across all of Europe and beyond for many years. Stefan holds a degree from the University of Tübingen and also spent a year at Leeds University.


  • June 11: Deploying autonomous vehicle technology

    Increasing efficiency and safety of city buses with incremental autonomous technology

    The benefits of autonomous vehicle technology in full-size city buses can be realised in advance of Level 5 autonomy becoming available. Alexander Dennis is trialling driver assistance solutions for its city buses. Intelligent Speed Adaptation ensures the observance of the speed limit and Alexander Dennis shares learnings from its roll-out in customer vehicles since the start of 2019. Its autonomous emergency braking system reduces the likelihood and severity of collisions with other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians. Alexander Dennis and bus operator Stagecoach have begun the trial of an autonomous full-size city bus. Its driverless mode is initially used in the depot environment, where immediate efficiencies can be achieved by lower staffing cost and by reducing the risk of collisions during shunting, increasing vehicle uptime.