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Xavier Arrufat is the founder and CEO of Awaait Artificial Intelligence (AWAAIT). He founded this Barcelona-based company in 2014 with the idea of providing Artificial Intelligence solutions to solve industrial business problems.

Xavier has an extensive experience in international market development, Europe-wide management and business process consulting through his work at various firms, including 12 years in General Electric. He holds an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering and an MBA, and he is passionate about Machine Learning.


  • June 10: Public transportation moves forward with AI and Internet of Things

    AI applied to the public transport sector: a successful case study regarding fare evasion

    The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows for enhanced operational excellence and safety in public transport. Video surveillance is a field where AI can help analyze the gigantic amount of data generated by a growing number of cameras. With AI, video feeds can be used effectively to make real-time analysis and take immediate action. AWAAIT will show some examples of what AI can do in public transport, especially regarding video surveillance, and share its experience in the development and deployment of DETECTOR, a real-time video analytics system that has successfully demonstrated its deterring effect on fare dodgers. DETECTOR’s selective approach reduces fare evasion, minimizes controls on paying passengers and allows leaner control teams. DETECTOR is also an excellent example of innovating through the collaboration between a transport operator and an AI start-up.