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Hans Arby is CEO of UbiGo Innovation and was one of the key driving persons behind the successful development and test of UbiGo in Gothenburg. He has 30 years experiences in marketing, communication, sales and business development in different positions. The last 15 years he has focused on sustainable transport and ITS, providing strategic support to cities in developing transport strategies and long term planning and marketing of public transport.


  • June 11: Different MaaS Models in Scandinavia

    The market driven model – in the eyes of a commercial MaaS operator

    The Public transport actors in Sweden are finally opening up for reselling of digital tickets. SL in Stockholm is even opening up for trying out new price models, relevant for households with mixed mobility needs and crucial the compete with car ownership. One example is the subscription of day-tickets to share among the household that UbiGo offers.

    The Public Transport Authority enabling different kinds of combined mobility services is referred to as the Liberal model or the Market driven model. The model will ensure a customer centric service that can attract and change the behaviour of users with minimal economical public support. The challenge is how integrate a public service into a commercial service, contractually and politically more than technically. Well handled, it will contribute to ensuring Public transport to remain relevant in the new mobility landscape.