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Hans Arby is a senior researcher at RISE Research Institute of Sweden and adviser for public and private mobility actors, focusing on business model and eco system innovation and governance. He is also a member of the Gothenburg City Council and the urban development board. He is a member of the UITP Combind Mobility Committee

He has close to 20 years of experience within sustainable transport, ITS and has been providing strategic support to cities in developing transport strategies and long term planning and marketing of public transport.

He founded UbiGo that launched one of the first commercial, subscription based MaaS (Mobility as a Service) operations in Stockholm.

He has a MSc in electrical engineering from Chalmers university and have been working with business development, marketing and sales in different high tech industries before entering the mobility industry.


  • June 05: Mobility for low-density areas: Building a new MaaS vision

    Low density areas need high level innovation

    Good accesibility in low density must be based around fast and frequent public transport routes, complemented by local services, public, commercial and Peer-to-peer. Using experiences from Swedish rural mobility pilots, the presentation highlights challenges, enablers and solutions for building a transport system that can offer an easy everyday life outside urban areas and without having to own a car (or at least not having to own two or three.)