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Patrik Anderson has over 25 year of experience from the IT and Security industries combined. He joined Axis Communications in 1997 and has served in several management roles in Business Development and Product Management. Currently Patrik Anderson leads Axis’ business initiatives within the transport sector globally, including public transport, aviation, traffic, logistics and maritime.


  • June 10: Systems and solutions for vehicle safety

    International trends in video surveillance - public transport gets smarter

    UITP and Axis Communications surveyed members in 2015 and 2018 regarding video surveillance systems in public transport. Highlights include:
    - the average number of cameras per system surveyed has increased by 70%
    - video surveillance systems are increasingly digital, with new investments IP based
    - images are shared with increasing numbers of third parties e.g. sharing with police has increased from approx. 40% to 70% of respondents
    - more respondents state that video surveillance contributes to improving actual safety and security, rather than simply having a positive effect on perception
    - public support is up to 73%, from 65%
    - In 2015 only a few analytics were actually in use. By 2018 all analytics surveyed are in use, with the most popular ones approaching 50% use among respondents