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Mobility Director at the Metropolitan Transport Authority of Barcelona (ATM). 

Director of the public transport infrastructures plan and the mobility master plan and coordinator of the tram network of Barcelona. Driving manager of the Maas and the LEZ ATM project. During my career I have been involved in many projects regarding neighbourhoods refurbishing, new central city zones, accessibility, transport, and mobility and more than 10 European Digital projects.
Master as Civil Engineer, Master in urban management, diploma in mobility and transport planning and in financing management.


  • June 07: The perfect match: When urban planning meets mobility planning

    Integrating megachanges in the regional planning process

    The mobility of the Barcelona Metropolitan region is undergoing a profound transformation due to social and environmental changes and the quick entrance of digital technologies that obliges to rethink the mobility planning. The Barcelona ATM has faced these megachanges building a new master mobility plan (MMP) to incorporate them and to embrace the UN SDG with the target of improving the quality of the region, its mobility and environment which will transform aspects of the reality we have known to date. Facing pollution, CC, energy, ageing, health, gender, automation, digitalization, and new mobility modes altogether, with the regard of SDG, the MMP advocates for new governance and the integration of these topics since the beginning of the planning process. New projects as building resilience infrastructures, LEZ in many cities, Maas platform to connect all mobility services, clean energy for public transport, arise to building up a new mobility paradigm.