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Marita Albrektson works as the Project Manager at Västtrafik for Combined Mobility and is now carrying out test pilots with a third party to investigate the possibility of letting another actor sell digital public transport tickets in Gothenburg. The project will test new sales channels for Västtrafik, and Marita is the key person in Västtrafik’s operations. Mrs Albrektson has extensive experience from leadership positions in the IT and ITS business. She has previously worked in the IT sector in roles as Project Manager, Business Analyst, Group Manager, Service Delivery Leader and Change Manager. Mrs Albrektson has also worked for several years to implement transformation projects with the Lean Sigma concept and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt facilitator for change work. Mrs Albrektson is a certified Project Manager with a Bachelor in Systems science.


  • June 11: Different MaaS Models in Scandinavia

    Mobility as a Service, pilot tests in Gothenburg

    With Public Transport as the backbone combined with new mobility services more people will be able to manage without a car. Västtrafik investigated if it was technically possible to sell digital public transport tickets in someone else's app and how a business model would be to make this possible. A technical pilot test was made in cooperation with the Gothenburg Parking Company. It was the first test in Sweden to enable third parties to sell and validate a Västtrafik ticket digitally. The test exceeded expectations and provided insights into what is technically required by both parties. One more pilot with a housing company is next to create incentives for combined mobility. This is Västtrafik's first step in opening up our data and our ticket offer so that other players can be innovative and create smart, sustainable mobility solutions in combination with public transport.