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I am an electrical and electronics engineer within the transportation industry working on Public Transportation and maintenance issues of public buses for 9 years. I prepared the vehicle maintenance and repair tender documents and technical specifications of 550 buses of metrobus line in 2016-17. I also have experiences of set up mechanical necessities on workshops for maintenance of buses. I have been director for 3 years in different positions (as a Depot Manager) at IETT (Istanbul Public Transportation Authority) which has different kinds of approximately 3000 buses.


  • June 12: Opening Pandora’s Box: Transforming Cities and Reaching Operational Excellence through BRT Systems

    Why BRT in Istanbul?

    Why did we apply BRT project to the one of the main road in Istanbul instead of the Metro line? Because İstanbul is surrounded by two seas and divided by the Bosphorus, to install the Metro line between the two sides of the city is both expensive and time consuming.Considering the situation of Istanbul’s heavy traffic, BRT was seen as a perfect solution for the City. Also because of the construction timescale, initial installation costs and challenge of crossing the Bosphorus, BRT system was the ideal option for Istanbul.