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Technical Engineer in Computer Science, Master in Project Management by EAE Business School, Master in Consulting and Business Management by UPM and Project Manager Professional by PMI.
All his professional career has been related to software development projects in transportation, mobility and payments.
As Project Manager at INETUM he has been able to participate in projects for the implementation of EMVc payment in EMT Madrid buses or the implementation of the AT System, the first Free Flow toll system in Spain.
Currently he is responsible for Open Payments in INETUM where we implement Back Office projects of account-based Ticketing and EMV Payment under transit regulations.


  • June 07: Improving the passenger experience with smart ticketing and payment

    ABT as an enabler of mobility as a service

    Improving the user experience by offering users different ways of identification to access public transport is the challenge ahead. After overcoming the step of allowing access to transport services by using our bank card, it has proven to be a very suitable payment method for those non-regular travelers, but what alternatives do we have for regular travelers that allow grouping all transport uses for a period of time beyond the day? In the following talk we will look at alternatives based on Account Based Ticketing (ABT) and how ABT can serve to move towards mobility as a service.